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Prog Rock & Prog Metal’s 7 Greatest Mythical Albums!

So rare it's as if these mythical albums never even existed....

Worship Metal has rolled up their collective sleeves, delved into the farthest reaches of the prog archives and dusted off 7 of the greatest mythical prog albums that probably never existed.

Prog fans rejoice, if you ever get your hands on these ridiculous rarities your collection will be complete….good luck with that!

7. Galunsky’s Goat – War Goat


Cult band Galunsky’s Goat released their quadraphonic album War Goat to a waiting and expectant fan base back in 1970. After playing to sell out stadiums in Canada, Japan, South America and Belgium they drove their beefed-up Camper Van to their own state of the art studio in Cleethorpes and disappeared from public life for over a year to produce the album that became War Goat. 

Home to the infamous track “Sonata for Urban Goats Cheese”, featuring vocalist and guitarist Jo Landrones and his infamous 18 minute 28 second ‘thrash’ Ukulele solo, the 3 people who heard it were left in shock and awe and the album still holds good to this day; representative of the era that gave us  Pink Floyd, Yes and Alan’s Foot.

Knowing this piece de resistance could never be bettered, keyboard player Pete ‘Short Change’ Brown departed after War Goat‘s release to become a Chiropodist whilst drummer Frank Zimmerman (cousin to the Zimmerman brothers who went on to form  Galaxetia) nearly became the next permanent drummer for The Who….but forgot to turn up for the audition.

This album may be a little difficult to find (that’s an understatement!) but is well worth an earful if you get the chance.

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