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Mythra Guitarist John Roach Answers Our 10 Questions Of Biblical Proportions

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Responsible for one of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’s finest EP’s – we refer, of course, to the Death and Destiny EP from 1979 – Mythra are back to reaffirm their mythical status with the recent release of Warriors Of Time: The Anthology. So, what better time to throw Mythra guitarist John Roach some questions of biblical proportions!

1. So….what are Mythra up to then?

“So we’ve just released Warriors of Time: The Anthology on Skol Records, re-mastered by Bart Gabriel. This is the first time the original recordings from 1980 have been officially released on CD with the correct titles to the tracks and with the blessing of the band. It actually comprises four phases of Mythra. The first – which I was part of – was the four original Death and Destiny EP tracks, the next phase was Mythra with Mick Rundle on guitar, which was the lion’s share of the original recordings. Then the third phase with Alex Perry who wrote and played guitar on WASA. Finally the current line-up which is really a ‘super-group’ containing the first and last lead guitarists together. We’ve added five new tracks so people can see where the new Mythra are headed. We’re pleased with the response we’ve received to both the old and the new tracks. We’re currently rehearsing for dates in 2016 and writing new material for our next album.”

2. Which album/artist/gig/experience made you first realise you ‘Worshipped’ Metal?

“The first truly metal experience I had was listening to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, although I had always loved rock music and if I could include that it was hearing the massive guitar sound of Humble Pie on the Performance, Rockin the Fillmore album. Although, for metal I think the Sabs were the first. The first gig was UFO on their Lights Out tour – pure rock.”

3. Name the one album that epitomises Heavy Metal over all others.

Sabotage – Black Sabbath. I think between them these guys wrote the book. You could argue that they are the grandfathers.”

4. Which guilty pleasure album do you listen to the most? Be honest now.

Deadwing by Porcupine Tree. I love the dynamics and the darkness of the lyrics. I can find something that fires my interest every time I listen to it.”

5. You have one opportunity to introduce your band to the entire world, which song from your back catalogue do you blast them away with?

“It would have to be Death and Destiny.”

6. You find yourselves booked on a mammoth, 12 month, non stop, around the world tour, what 5 essential items do you take with you in order to survive?

“Passport, Laptop, Credit Card, Socks and a Sense of Humour.”

7. What’s been your most memorable experience on the road?

“Having a pair of leather trousers stolen after a gig, I’d only worn them once and playing on the same bill as Doctor Feelgood and Rory Gallagher on 30th August 1981.”

8. You’re given the chance to handpick the ultimate 4-piece Rock and Metal supergroup (living or deceased). Who’s in the line-up?

“Wow, that’s tough there are so many potentials but here goes: Steve Marriott, Eddie Van Halen, Geddy Lee and Mike Portnoy – you can guess who is playing what.”

9. Hard Rock and Heavy Metal is blatantly the greatest thing ever invented but what’s the second greatest invention of all time?

“Electricity, without it everything would be so difficult. I can’t imagine blasting out Death and Destiny on acoustic guitars and bodhran!”

10. It turns out Ozzy’s luscious long hair is imbued with time-travelling qualities and just one stroke of his lion’s mane can transport you back to any Rock/Metal gig of your choice. Who do you go and see?

“No doubt in my mind, Led Zeppelin in 1969.”

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