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Celebrating 20 Years of SLIPKNOT’s World-Conquering 2nd Album, IOWA….

One more time, motherfucker.....

August 28th 2021 marks the 20th anniversary release of Slipknot‘s world-conquering sophomore album, Iowa.

Already distancing themselves from nu metal, Slipknot never really deserved to be classified in such meagre terms in the first place and their second album, Iowa, was the world-conquering record that put Slipknot firmly on the map!

Iowa showcased a band who had exploded onto the scene with their thrilling debut but were already on the brink of implosion; the stresses and strains of accommodating 9 individuals all with a vision of their own proving as volatie and violent as their music. The result was an album that positively reeked of pent-up rage and disharmony but it’s exactly that which made Slipknot and Iowa such a thrilling proposition.

Fundamentally, Iowa was a death metal album (purists may balk at this description but there are death metal riffs aplenty) and one which made it to Number 1 on both sides of the Atlantic; a feat virtually unheard of for music so unrelentingly anti-establishment.

A monster of an album, Iowa was a major success and includes many of Slipknot‘s notable songs, such as “Disasterpiece”, “The Heretic Anthem”, “People = Shit” and the Grammy-nominated “Left Behind” and “My Plague”. 

A ground-breaking release from a band who took extreme metal to the masses.


  • (#8) Corey Taylor – vocals
  • (#7) Mick Thompson – guitars
  • (#6) Shawn Crahan – percussion, backing vocals, editing
  • (#5) Craig Jones – samples, media
  • (#4) Jim Root – guitars
  • (#3) Chris Fehn – percussion, backing vocals
  • (#2) Paul Gray (RIP) – bass, backing vocals
  • (#1) Joey Jordison – drums, additional vocals on “My Plague (New Abuse mix)”, mixing
  • (#0) Sid Wilson – turntables, vocals on “(515)”
Slipknot – Iowa (2001, CD) - Discogs
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