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10 Of The Greatest Old-School AUSTRALIAN Thrash Albums Known To Man!

Man don't know no better!

Mortal Sin – Mayhemic Destruction (1987)

<br />Mortal Sin - Mayhemic Destruction

Mortal Sin‘s Mayhemic Destruction, their corrosive debut, is as good an 80s Australian thrash album as you could ever wish to find! 

Unrefined and unshackled by expectation, Mayhemic Destruction simply attacks with the sound of pure 80s thrash fuckin’ metal. It may be tinny, it may be unfocused….but it’s an absolute blast of vicarious thrash, delivered by a band with nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 

While the more mature Face Of Despair (1989) would indicate exactly what this fantastic band could achieve when they honed their song witing, the clang and clatter of Mayhemic Destruction‘s serrated riffs – particularly on instrumental opener, “The Curse” and the killer “Blood, Death, Hatred” – remains rewarding on each and every level.

Mortal Sin – Face Of Despair (1989)

Mortal Sin – Face Of Despair (1989, CD) - Discogs

The greatest Australian thrash band to ever have thrashed ™ fully deserve a second mention and with their second album, Face Of DespairMortal Sin fair gave us a second wave classic!

Opening with an absolute all-time thrash monster is always a good thing and “I Am Immortal” is a thrash fuckin’ behemoth! Rammed with hooks, tempo changes and all manner of thrashy goodness, Mortal Sin would have gone down in history as one of the greats by virtue of this one track alone. However, Face Of Despair is no one-trick pony, with the crunch of “The Infantry Corps” (very …and Justice For All in construct) and the more experimental rhythms of “Martyrs Of Eternity” (with its strong Sacred Reich vibe) proving equally as incendiary. 

It’s fair to say that Face Of Despair is the greatest old-school Aussie thrash album in existence and Mortal Sin were Australia’s premier thrash act. 

Arguments against this opinion gladly received. Good luck!

Mortification – Post Momentary Affliction (1993)

Mortification – Post Momentary Affliction (1993, CD) - Discogs

Post Momentary Affliction was the third studio album by Australian Christian metallers Mortification and it found the band returning to theirthrash roots, while retaining much of the death metal that informed their first two albums.

Heavy as hell (so to speak) and spliced with death, thrash and doom influences, this fucker had the lot and remains an absorbing and intriguing amalgamation of all things ‘extreme’ in the early 1990’s.

Mortification‘s next album, Blood World, would further embrace ‘the thrash’ but it’s not nearly as good as Post Momentary Affliction. 

Nothing Sacred – Let Us Prey (1988)

Nothing Sacred – Let Us Prey (1988, Vinyl) - Discogs

One of the first Australian bands to play thrash/speed metal, Melbourne’s Nothing Sacredformed way back in 1983 and their debut EP, Deathwish (1985), was an underground metal phenomenon.

Four years later saw the release of Nothing Sacred‘s debut full length, Let Us Pray (1988), and despite outstanding songwriting clearly evidencing the talent on display, poor production hampered any progress the album may have afforded them.

Another case of a band with considerable promise falling at the first hurdle. 

However, Nothing Sacred‘s thrashed up version of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest‘s classic sound has still seen them regain their status in Australia as a beloved act from the glory days of thrash.

Taramis – Stretch Of The Imagination (1991)

Australian progressive/power/technical thrashers Taramis may be one of the least known acts on this particular list but their distinct brand of histrionic metal deserves to be remembered!

Featuring exceptional bass playing and a penchant for frantic, frenzied arrangements, Stretch Of The Imagination was a vast improvement on 1987’s Queen Of Thieves with Taramis fully embracing their progressive mettle.

“Behind These Eyes” truly hit the technical thrash sweet spot but the whole damn thing reeked of ambition and a complete lack of care for convention.

The overly-dramatic, occasional squeaky vocals will ruffle the feathers of non-believers, but fans of RealmAgent SteelToxiK and their ilk will love ’em!

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