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Lifelong Heavy Metal fan. First got into Quo and Leppard, when I was 9 or so I first heard Megadeth and that was me hooked

Southfall – Awakening – EP Review

February 14, 2016

Southfall are a new five piece rock/metal band from the Midlands who played their first gig in May of last year and Awakening, a three track EP, is their debut release. We [...]

War Curse – Final Days – Album Review

February 2, 2016

Every now and again a debut release comes along from a new, underground, band that finds the group and their ideas fully formed from the get-go; Cincinnati mob War Curse are [...]

Megadeth – Dystopia – Album Review

January 23, 2016

Three years on from the universally panned Super Collider and having once again gone through a change in guitarist and drummer – out went Chris Broderick and longtime [...]

Danzig – Skeletons – Album Review

December 10, 2015

Glenn Danzig is a man that needs little to no introduction. Starting his career in the mid 70’s with influential horror-punk-brats the Misfits before forming Samhain [...]
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