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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Rude – Remnants

Ruthless....Venomous....Death Metal!

Source // Rude - Remnants

Simple introduction. Rude are a Californian death metal band who worship the old gods of death metal. With Dan Seagrave art and a sound that draws inspiration from Pestilence, Nocturnus and Morbid Angel, this shit certainly is ‘for real’ and for a band this young, Rude have truly delivered something special on only their second release.

These bay area heathens have been threatening something this spectacular for a while now (debut release Soul Recall had already made considerable waves) and this sophomore release will cement Rude as a band with a huge future.

So, if you crave authenticity in your death metal in 2017 then look no further. From the heads-down bob and weave of “House Of Dust”, to the delicate intro of the title track which explodes into life and brings to mind the progressive nature of Testimony of the Ancients-era Pestilence, Remnants hits hard and fast with each and every track.

Even “Reboot”, the cannily titled minute and a half long instrumental has its place, bringing death metal full-circle and reminding fans why this genre was so frickin’ exciting in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Menacing, simple in structure yet devastatingly effective it provides a welcome interlude before Rude launch into the Nocturnus-esque sci-fi feel of closing track “Children Of Atom”.

We’ve simply no choice but to sing the praises of these old-school death metal masters….it’d be rude not to! 8/10

Rude Remnants

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