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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Incite – Oppression

Incite incite a metal riot....

Incite // Source // newnoisemagazine.com

Incite, led by Richie Cavalera, have been plugging away for over ten years now, their brute force groove metal meets thrash making plenty of noise but leaving little fanfare in their wake…until now.

We’ll get to the point as quick as Oppression does, this album fucks shit up. In the kick your teeth in with each and every track kinda way; never falling short, never giving anything less than 100% and delivering total metal satisfaction! In other words, the kinda metal you can feel in your chest, stretching the skin with each scream, growl and shout and threatening to burst through your rib-cage with each bone-crushing riff.

That’s not to say that Incite are doing anything different or revolutionary. Quite the contrary in fact, accusations of fairly standard meat ‘n’ potatoes Devildriver-esque groove metal could be levelled at Incite but there’s something about the sheer power projected from these 10 tracks that just hits home, hard.

Tracks such as “Never Surrender” and “No Remorse” signify the level of desire to bring nothing less than maximum pain and total conviction; in name and in execution. Thrash riffs jostle with huge breakdowns and barrelling rhythms and a never ending barrage of incendiary rhetoric is projected from the ravaged throat of Richie Cavalera. Incite sound truly comfortable in their own skin for the first time and while they’ve never put out a weak album, they’ve never hit the consistent heights found on Oppression before either.

As screamed on “I Want It All”, it’s Incite’s way or nothing and, after years of potential, Richie Cavalera and co. have finally made their mark. Oppression may very well be the most vindictive and violent straight-up metal album of 2016 so far. 8/10

Incite Oppression

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