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Worship Metal Countsdown Megadeth’s Most Underrated Songs

10. “Bad Omen”

Source // www.shopmusictoday.com

Source // www.shopmusictoday.com

Taken from the albumPeace Sells…But Who’s Buying? (1986)

One of the songs from the all time classic album Peace Sells…that Dave Mustaine will probably never play live again (“The Conjuring” included) because it offends his christian beliefs. Fair enough, he did write the buggers and can do what he likes but this is one track that simply deserves to be shown more love!

Simply put, this gem has everything you could ever want from a great metal tune. Gold-plated riffs? Check. Blinding speed? Check. Lyrics referencing the Devil and orgies and other naughtiness? Check and indeed check!

All held in place with a jazz-fusion inspired performance from drummer Gar Samuelson…..this song still swings like a giant pair of swollen elephant gonads!

9. “Liar”

Source // open.spotify.com

Source // open.spotify.com

Taken from the albumSo Far, So Good… So What! (1988)

An underrated track from an often underrated album. So Far, So Good… So What is home to this nasty wee bastard of a song. In just over three minutes Dave Mustaine lets someone (step-up ex-band mate Chris Poland) know exactly what he thinks of them….and it sure ain’t pretty.

Considering the drug addled state Mustaine himself was in at the time, the nameless offender must have had to be a special kind of low life to inspire such a diatribe. Whilst the music builds in tempo behind him, Mustaine becomes more and more indignant.

Rarely has he sounded so pissed off and this from a guy with a fearsome reputation for being easily riled! By the time he reaches the last verse, which lets be honest is no more than a string of insults, he’s in the last paroxysm of his rage. Altogether now “You, you, you, you fucking liar”. Couldn’t have put it better ourselves.


8. “Breadline”

Source // metal-archives.com

Source // metal-archives.com

Taken from the album: Risk (1999)

Nestled towards the mid point of the much maligned Risk – if you can make it that far – is “Breadline” and it sticks out like a shiny diamond in a fresh steaming pile of turd.

Simply put, this is a slice of pop metal perfection that could easily be played on radio anytime of the day or night.

Dave Mustaine has often talked of his love for artists like Cat Stevens and it is on songs such as “Breadline” that the influence of mainstream pop artists comes to the fore. With its clean melodic guitar and catchy vocals this is as mainstream as Megadeth get but give it a chance, you’ll be humming along way before it ends.

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