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15 Of The Most Underrated Albums Of 80’s Thrash!

These often overlooked classics of thrash deserve your love!

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Thrash….there’s a lot of it out there! And, it’s very easy to overlook the lost classics amongst the onslaught of The Big 4 etc. So, Worship Metal has attempted to turn the spotlight on those 80’s thrash albums that may have snuck under the radar without receiving the respect, or acknowledgment, they blatantly deserved……

Cyclone – Brutal Destruction (1986)

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Belgium’s Cyclone weren’t particularly active – just 2 albums in a 9 year career – but they were the instigators of some distinctive riffage and Brutal Destruction remains an underrated collection of tenacious, tightly focused and terrorising thrash anthems.

Admittedly, Brutal Destruction may sound antiquated to modern ears but this semi-forgotten title had some clout in 1986! Slightly dubious title aside, “Incest Love”(?!) remains one hell of a closer while the razor-sharp riffs and unrefined shrieks found on “Long To Hell” and “Fall Under His Command” still leave scars!

One of those albums that belongs in a true thrashers collection – even though it may not receive a regular airing – Cyclone’s sound was more mid-level American than European and for this reason alone, Cyclone were up against it; they were never going to make an impact in the US when bands of this calibre were already ten a penny.

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4 Comments on 15 Of The Most Underrated Albums Of 80’s Thrash!

  1. So many bands I have forgotten about! Great read!

  2. Too bad ya didn’t list Dissection’s “Final Genocide.” Reminds a LOT of Razor with those screeching vocals, and some wicked riffs… Same too could be said about Burnt Offering, their self titled release is full of sickness, especially with songs like ‘Slaughterhouse Gristle’ and a sick tribute to ‘Leatherface.’ Or lest we forget Outrage from Japan, who definitely remind one of Metallica (but thrashier), and maybe even Sacrifice also from Japan? Sick, dark and EVIL thrash; Akira would later go on to form Solitude, another just as sick thrash band. Pick up “Crest Of Black” from Sacrifice. And while we’re in Japan, who could forget the band Doom? Many full lengths of avant-garde thrash with everything else thrown in!

    And oh yeah, one of Norway’s only 80’s thrash band: Equinox. “Auf Wiedersehen.” Geez, every song on there kicks serious ass… Even the ‘Evil Dead’ track at the end… Sick thrash from start to finish!

    There ya go… Time for a part two soon?

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