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Worship Metal’s 4-Word Reviews – Wharflurch – Shitslime (EP)

Where the slime live.....

The Facts:

Formed in the swampy summer of 2019, WHARFLURCH is the bastard brain excrement of two Floridian heathens (who also do time in D-beat death-mongers Hot Graves) who deigned to made the world a more drippy, disgusting place for human scum to writhe in – which was nice of them!

WHARFLURCH’s scabrous second EP, Shitslime, was originally released digitally back in October 2020 but is now set for a CD release via Personal Records this March.

Worship Metal’s 4-Word Review:

Wallowing in pure filth! 6/10

For Fans Of:

The sloppiest, most stench-ridden death metal imaginable.

Recommended Track:

“Selfing To The Bore” will provide you with all your shitty, slimy requirements! 


CD’s available on 19th March, 2021 via Personal Records (Bandcamp is already available).

Wharflurch – “Sealing The Bore”

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