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Without Mercy – Mouichido – EP Review

We submit, we submit!

Source // Without Mercy Mouichido

A cacophony of extreme metal vocal styles accompany some fairly interesting soloing and some fairly uninteresting metalcore/deathcore riffing on Mouichido, the new EP from Canada’s Without Mercy. Regardless, the band live up to their name with each song on this 4 track EP going for straight for the throat; merciless aural violence and tight, technical proficiency melded with some serious might!

“In Waves” (not a Trivium cover version) features Mark Hunter of the sorely missed Chimaira on dual vocal duty and his savage screams are a welcome accompaniment (and influence) while EP highlight “Burn” showcases a band with eyes set firmly on total carnage.

Short and savage, it’s hard to say this release lingers long in the memory but the intensity on Mouichido is admirable, the performances commendable and this semi-remake of 2014’s EP Reborn – ‘Mouichido’ is Japanese for repeat and a chance for Without Mercy to right the perceived wrongs of that release – is a worthy 19 minutes of any metalhead’s time. Submit! 7/10

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