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Uprising – Uprising – Album Review

Rise up!

Source // Uprising

The newly revamped Tridroid Records will re-issue the self-titled debut album by the black metal entity known as the riot-inducing Uprising on January 6 2016….and on cassette no less! Uprising’s bio reads like this….”there is no bio information and none will be given if requested. The band solely wants to be known for their music and nothing else.”


Fortunately, ambiguity has paid off as this brainchild of the equally anonymous ‘W’, is a black metal call-to-arms and an accomplished debut in its own right. Exploding with nihilistic intensity – but aided by more than a little dose of welcome ‘melody’ – this is seriously dark stuff that ably mixes satanism and revolutionary rhetoric with forward thinking black metal traits.

This one man project positively boils over with revolutionary fervour and Uprising‘s tempered mix of black metal styles is the perfect noise for delivering a serious message. Somehow, we missed this the first time round – Uprising‘s original release date was March 3rd 2016 – but that’s no reason for not shrieking its praises now.

It’s probably best to let the lyrics speak for themselves:

“Burn down their strongholds, let them suffer for what they have done for keeping your dreams in chains, for stealing your life, it is time to uprise”.

Viva la revolución! 7/10

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