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Unmercenaries – Fallen In Disbelief – Album Review

For Fans Of Thergothen, My Dying Bride & Shape Of Despair

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Fallen In Disbelief, the debut release from Russian/German trio Unmercenaries clocks in at 45 minutes over just 4 tracks; ample warning that we are in Doom Metal territory and Funeral Doom at that.

Seemingly languishing in perpetual torment and yet enlightened by the never-ending dream of possibility, Unmercenaries embody the light and shade in all of us and the sound conjured on “Among The Stars“, “A Portal“, “Circles Of Disbelief” and “A Beggar’s Lesson” may crawl, sloth-like, into the inferno but glimpses of salvation are reassuringly evident.

Often recalling the dirge of Funeral Doom innovators Thergothon, the sustained repetition of Unmercenaries crushing riffs and accompanying vocals, which range from gargled death grunts to sickening shrieks, are suitably oppressive but superbly balanced with a warm clean tone, as popularised by Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt, and spartan use of My Dying Bride-esque keyboards.

The overarching air of hopelessness may prove a hurdle for some but Fallen In Disbelief provides perfect escapism for those who love to wallow in discomfort and despair.

Depression never felt so good. 7/10

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