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Uncivil War – Uncivil War – Single Review

Uncivil War is right! There's nuthin' civil about this thrash attack!

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The first single from Uncivil War is upon us and it’s a self-titled hark back to the days of classic thrash, unleashing a tirade of social commentary backed by furious and unkempt 80’s thrash riffs!

The set-up is relatively simple but undeniably effective. A stomping mid-paced intro replete with knuckle-scraping bass brings the ‘heavy’ before the kind of riff the Teutonic greats of Kreator and Destruction used to unleash brings the pain. The harsh and hoarse vocals of Scott Owen may recall Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway at times but we’re in true thrash territory here, forging forward with the kind of ear-piercing solos that would make Kerry King shit his pants.

Joe Cangelosi rolls around his kit with the kind of vitality he bought to Whiplash’s seminal Ticket To Mayhem and anchors a 3-piece who are all capable of rewinding the clock back to the days when thrash was king.

“Uncivil War” has groove and it thrashes hard and fast but, first and foremost, it has heart. You can clearly hear the passion of 3 metal veterans determined to make an impact, one more time! On this evidence, you certainly wouldn’t bet against them succeeding. 8/10

But who the fuck are they?

Uncivil War are a brand new band formed by seasoned thrash veterans Scott Owen- Guitars/Vocals (Hirax, Subversion), Joe Cangelosi – Drums (Whiplash, Kreator, Brooklyn Militia) and Rich Day – Bass (Whiplash, Primal Scream). Their pedigree is indisputable and there’s no doubt these guys are here to bring passion and fury to a modern audience hungry for something real, something tangible and ultimately, something that thrashes your tits off!

Uncivil War’s 3 song demo is in the works and they are looking to release a full length cd in 2018; thrash nirvana is guaranteed. Keep ’em peeled!


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