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Tyrants Blood – Into The Kingdom of Graves – Album Review

Source // Tyrants Blood

December 23rd 2016 saw a re-release of Tyrants Blood’s maniacal Into The Kingdom of Graves via the recently revamped Tridoid records. Now available on vinyl – with liner notes from guitarist Marco Banco (Ex-BLASPHEMY) – and including a digital download of the band’s compilation album Coven, this absolute technical beast of a record is a mandatory purchase for those who live for attention deficit inflicted blasts of skull-shattering noise!

Giving absolutely no fucks for melody or even a traditional sense of song structure, Tyrants Blood simply bleed rage and unfettered aggression through 10 tracks of uncompromising brutality. When you kick off an album with the perennially pissed off hyper-speed of “Spiral Seas” you’re setting the extremity bar pretty damn high.  Fortunately, Tyrants Blood very rarely dip below it for the remainder of the album.

It takes more than just nimble fingers to play this sort of thing and Tyrants Blood ably demonstrate Sadus levels of dexterity within their extreme death/thrash melting pot. Understandably, they see fit to offer respite during the semi-acoustic instrumental of “Within Outer Scars” before returning to the hyper-ventilating onslaught of the Meshuggah meets Morbid Angel (circa Heretic) battery of “Decree Of The Dead”; just the one breather is enough after all!

Crushing ever forward into oblivion, Into The Kingdom of Graves is like being fucked in the ear-hole by King Kong’s cock; an assault on the senses that not only penetrates your brain, it practically removes your head from your shoulders!

Madness. 7/10

Tyrants Blood Into The Kingdom

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