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Trivium – Silence In The Snow – Single Review

Anything but silent, Trivium have announced their return in considerable style!

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Where the fuck did this come from?!

To be frank, we’d all but written off Trivium after the lacklustre Vengeance Falls but Matt Heafy and the boys have only gone and returned with an arena-sized slab of pure Heavy Metal – the kind they always seemed more than capable of delivering – which should see Trivium storm to the top of the Metal pile.

Make no mistake, the controlled nature of Silence In The Snow‘s relatively simple, yet ball-crushing, chuggy riffs, crisp solos and solid – although hardly spectacular – drumming may surprise those expecting more of Trivium’s melodic Metalcore meets Thrashy shenanigans but the band have evidently matured considerably.

Matt Heafy’s vocals are a revelation, confident and classic in nature his range has improved immeasurably – gone are the metalcore barks and growls of old – while Corey Beaulieu (guitars), Paolo Gregoletto (bass) and new boy behind the kit Mat Madiro (drums) have helped streamline Trivium’s sound into a Power Metal-esque world beater, resulting in the kind of controlled – yet in no way synthetic – Heavy Metal that Metallica and Megadeth cracked the mainstream with back in the early 90’s. 

High praise indeed but thoroughly earned as “Silence In The Snow” is big and we mean really big, colossal even. The kind of all conquering Metal that should reach every corner of the globe and propel Trivium to the top of Metal’s inimitable hierarchy. The current topic of ‘who’ will replace Maiden, Priest and Metallica when they lay down their guitars has been answered; with “Silence In The Snow” Trivium have proved their stadium headliner credentials once and for all. 

Many may cry ‘sell out’ but the only word that should be shouted from the rooftops when discussing Trivium’s new direction is ‘ambition’. 9/10

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