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Thunder And Lightning – Motörhead – Single Review

Thunder And Lightning? Motörhead invented it!

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Motörhead are back and although Aftershock felt like it only came out last week, Lemmy, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee breathlessly return to level entire cities with yet another blast of the dirtiest Rock ‘N’ Roll imaginable!   

Fans of recent stone-cold stompers “Heartbreaker”, “The Terminal Show” and classic high-speed screamers “Iron Fist” and “Overkill” will be pleased as punch that while Motörhead may be elder statesman, they can still hold their own against Rock and Metal’s new pups.

A love-letter to a career that has enabled Lemmy to fulfil every ambition – and confront his worst nightmares – Thunder And Lightning encapsulates all that remains so captivating about this legendary band. Lemmy’s tale of conquests, the joy of screaming from stage night after night and generally being a bad-ass mutherf*cker is a 3 minute dive into Rock’s filthiest waters. What’s not to love?

Once again, Motörhead have delivered the goods and remain the grittiest bunch of Rock ‘N’ Roll bastards the world has ever seen. Indestructible. 8/10

Motörhead’s 22nd album(!), Bad Magic, will be released on August 28th via UDR Music/Motörhead Music….we suggest you tattoo that date on your face!

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