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The Pete Flesh Deathtrip – The Sun Will Fail – Single Review

Source // The Pete Flesh Deathtrip

One man Swedish death metal army The Pete Flesh Deathtrip returns in May and “The Sun Will Fail” is the first song unveiled from new album Svartnad. 

Grisly, gnarled, embittered and flayed red raw, a forceful nihilism tears through the very fabric of this track, an early indication of what the album will hold and a relatively expected continuation of the filth found on 2013’s Mortui Vivos Docent.

At times, “The Sun Will Fail” recalls the darkly hypnotic grooves conjured by latter day Satyricon, a blackened death ‘n’ roll blast that couldn’t be further from Entombed, Dismember et all but still hits with the same bulldozer-esque power. Stripped back to it’s purest essence, this is simply extreme metal performed by an artist well versed in what makes lovers of this music tick.

“The Sun Will Fail” is hard to ignore and easy to appreciate and Svartnad is shaping up to be an unnervingly essential experience. 8/10

The Pete Flesh Deathtrip is a solo project born with the sole purpose of adding different guest and session members with every new release.

Discography information:

THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP – Svartnad – CD / Digital / Vinyl later this year.
Released by Critical Mass Recordings in May 2016.
Recording line-up: Pete Flesh – vocals, guitars, bass, layers. Henrik Borg (100 Years, Satureye) – session drums, backing vocals, layers.
Recorded in Studio Lyhört between 2014 & 2015 by Henrik Borg and Pete Flesh.
Mixed and mastered by Henrik Borg.
All music, arrangements and lyrics by Pete Flesh.

THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP – Mortui Vivos Docent – CD / Digital / Vinyl
Released by Pulverised Records in May 2013. Re-released on vinyl by Critical Mass Recordings in October 2015.
Recording line-up: Pete Flesh – vocals, guitars, bass. Andreas Jonsson (Vinterland/Tyrant) – session drums. Micke Broberg (Unanimated/Born for Burning) – guest vocals. Cecilia Bjärgö (Arcana) – guest vocals. Peter Bjärgö (Arcana/Crypt of Kerberos) – guest layers.

The Pete Flesh Deathtrip 2

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