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Suicide Watch – Global Warning – Album Reissue Review

10 Years On And The Warning Is As Caustic As Ever!

Source // marqueerecords.eu

Welcome back Global Warning! The debut album from UK Thrashers Suicide Watch, originally released a decade ago, has been given the reissue treatment courtesy of Marquee Records Ireland….and if you haven’t heard this particularly nasty slice of brutal, quick-fire UK Crossover-Thrash then you’d better make the most of this second chance!

Ugly as sin, Global Warning remains a riveting riot of scathing riffs and retina-burning rhetoric, purpose built to speed through its 13 tracks with as much belligerence and bile as the band could muster. Finesse can f*ck off, Suicide Watch were plenty pissed and ably recalled the slamming, pit-igniting frenzy of Bonded By Blood era Exodus and the early days of Kreator. In fact, “By The Time You Read This I Will Be Dead” could have nestled in nicely amidst the teutonic carnage of Kreator’s Terrible Certainty; consummate mid 80’s thrashin’ replete with primitive dalliances in Death Metal, as pioneered by the German Thrash legends.

Lofty comparisons perhaps but worthy ones, Global Warning still sounds feral and ferocious ten years on – just check out the title track for ample proof that this album still shreds – and is a worthy addition to any Thrash collection.

Kudos to Marquee Records Ireland for letting this beast out if its cage again! \m/  7/10

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