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Stormbringer – Blood And Rust – Album Review

Stormbringer's coming....

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The creak of black leather, that smell of sweat mixed with the whiff of chain oil as arms are raised with hands clutched in a familiar horned salute to ROCK….that’ll be the feeling Northampton Hard Rockers Stormbringer evoke on their sophomore album!

Formed in 2011 and featuring ex-members of Deadeye, Nekkrosis and the mighty Viking Skull, Stormbringer released their debut album, MMXIII, in 2012 to favourable reviews. Their second album, Blood And Rust, is due to hit your lug holes on 26th October……BUY IT!

From the get-go, Blood And Rust drives forward in true rock style, prompting a sense of nostalgia for the ‘arena’ bands from the halcyon days of rock. A tightly knit, convincingly competent and creative machine, from the barrelling “Rise” to the epic and uplifting sounds of “Voice Of Demons”, each track on Blood And Rust pours out metal like a foundry on overtime, which – when the volume is turned up to 11 (as it always should be) – should be enough to satisfy any die hard head-banger with an ear for the classics.

Concluding with an excellent cover of Talking Heads’ “Psychokiller'” – which blows the Velvet Revolver version out of the water incidentally – there’s very little left to say. What we will close with is this: Stormbringer have balls, giant rock balls that bang together with enough force to make your stomach ache and your head pound in the best way possible; the kind of balls needed to record an album this suited to satisfying the faithful! 9/10

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