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Skreamer – Let ‘Em Burn – Single Review

Light 'em up....let 'em burn!

Source // Skreamer

Skreamer’s knack for anthemic ragers continues with their latest – and again free to download – single, “Let ‘Em Burn“.

A scathing indictment of life in 2015, Skreamer expose the hypocrisy of our society at large and while talk of ‘revolution’ seems arbitrary, there’s a political and humanitarian edge to Skreamer’s diatribes that hits increasingly hard. Talking of hitting hard, Skreamer utilise an almost uncharacteristic quiet/loud formula on “Let ‘Em Burn” that effectively builds anticipation for a colossal breakdown that slams your face into the dirt. Urgent, satisfying and proof that there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with a good ol’ fashioned brutal breakdown, Skreamer’s penchant for levelling cities with their powerful statements of intent rolls on.

While Sam Morter’s vocals are as savage as ever it’s those quieter moments that sets this track apart from the likes of “Pig Feed” and “The Awakening“; a relative light to the very dark shades of menace Skreamer usually revel in.

“Let ‘Em Burn” continues a fine run of form for this band that are turning heads with each and every release. Cool video too. 8/10

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