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RSJ – Giant Glenn – Album Review

How giant is Glenn exactly?

Source // RSJ - Giant Glenn

RSJ have been creating a whole lot o’ noise for well over a decade now and with the release of their 4th album, Giant Glenn, their stake as one of UK metal’s most incendiary acts has been rightfully claimed.

Launching straight into the spit and bile of the title-track followed by the middle-finger of “Fuck Off Joe”, the astonishingly abrasive nature of Giant Glenn is immediately apparent and while there’s something admittedly pedestrian about the chant “I’ll live my life my way, fuck you”, there’s nothing uneventful about the delivery; heckle-raising shouts instructing an army of like-minded individuals to shake off the shackles of conformity…..or something along those lines we’d hazard to guess.

The terrifying onslaught is briefly toned down for the gentle strum (still electrified mind, RSJ haven’t got all folky soft on your ass) of “Dear Jane”, a breathing point amidst the carnage which only adds to the barbarity of the John Loughlin (Raging Speedhorn) guesting “Hit The Road Jack“. From there, RSJ simply don’t let up, grinding your bones into dust with each dissonant riff and eye-popping scream!

Jolting changes in pace feverishly assault the senses as RSJ take mathcore, hardcore, grindcore and post-metal elements and soundly thrash new life out of each and every one of them. The result is a maniacal chemistry experiment melding disparate styles to create a wall of blissful, cathartic noise.

Integrity, rebellion, frustration, alienation….it’s all here, superbly crafted, expertly constructed and viciously conveyed. 8/10

Source // RSJ - Giant Glenn

Source // RSJ – Giant Glenn

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