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Projekt F – The Butterfly Effect – EP Review

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Source // Projekt F

An industrial nu-metal hybrid that has you rewinding back the clock to the year 2000 and the glory days of American Head Charge, the heavier moments of Static X and the Slipknot affiliated Downthesun, Montreal’s Projekt F would fit right in if the last 16 years hadn’t happened.

Frankly, The Butterfly Effect will be nothing new to those who remember the nu-metal era at its peak but there is a palpable sense of authenticity about Projekt F and tracks such as “Tongue” do deliver a primal adrenalised surge.  The highlight is “Unbegun”, a track with a catchy ‘Satan’s disco’ vibe about it. This maniacal Korn meets Muse(!) dance floor stomper certainly has its moments but some wibbly-wobbly clean vocals and by-the-numbers-riffs slightly hamper proceedings.

Home to downtuned riffing, the kind of clanging ‘I’m hitting some metal really hard’ percussion you’d expect from a band who are described as ‘Industrial’, emotive vocals (translated as slightly-whiny-talky-bits meets animalistic screams); you’ll find it all predictably here but surrounded by less predictable, almost ambient, interludes.

Undeniably feral, Projekt F have potential crossover appeal but a slightly more original take on the industrial nu-metal sound may prove productive. 6/10

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