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Phlefonyaar – Kissing Carrion – EP Review

Let the dead flesh snogging commence....

Source // Phlefonyaar - Kissing Carrion

Remember that scene in American Pie where Jim dips his dick in sticky, oozing, pie innards….well that’s the same feeling (we think) you get from immersing yourself in Phlefonyaar’s sludgy pile of steaming hot goodness.

Burnt helmet comparisons aside, Phlefonyaar’s Kissing Carrion is a sludge fans wet dream; a fuzzy primordial journey through swampy undergrowth propelled by Paul March’s wounded boar howls and droning riffs. Hell, when you’ve been musically active for over 20 years you should know your way around a pendulous riff and Kissing Carrion is absolutely full of ’em!

Amidst an almost industrial clanger – which may be the fault of drum machine ‘Igor’, but don’t let that put you off – Phlefonyaar have delivered an unnerving and tormented EP that positively reeks of indescribable ugliness.

Part industrial throwback, part NOLA sludge-fest, Phlefonyaar’s Kissing Carrion is gloriously savage and as welcome as warm apple pie…..what you go on to do with it is your business! 8/10

Phlefonyaar Kissing Carrion

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