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Oppressive – Seeds Of Hate – EP Review

Oppressive by name....and, you guessed it, oppressive by nature!

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Harsh, brutal, Finland’s Oppressive are….oppressive, in every sense of the word and Seeds Of Hate is one hell of a calling card for a band still finding their feet. This is the ugliest thrash imaginable, one-dimensional barked vocals (bordering on old-school death metal at times) butting heads with the chuggiest riffs to achieve maximum aural carnage. So, bullet-belt yourself in, this could get rough!

“Seeds of Hate” (not a cover of the Exodus track incidentally) ushers in a short, sharp and savage EP that blasts its way through 5 tracks in just over 16 minutes of unrefined fury. Oppressive’s influences are fairly obvious and they beg, borrow and steal from the genre’s most aggressive thrash bands and those who kickstarted thrash in the first place. Slayer-esque solos abound and “Die Tomorrow” takes Onslaught’s fade in and main riff from Killing Peace‘s “Burn” and re-appropriates it, Finnish style.

There’s nothing wrong with cribbing from the best of course and Oppressive have enough about them to overcome the obvious comparisons. You may have heard this sort of thing a million times before but when delivered with such conviction and such furious pace, Oppressive prove nigh on irresistible. 7/10

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