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Oppressive – No Winner, No Victory – Single Review

One winner! A thrash victory!

Source // Oppressive

Finland’s Oppressive continue to deliver some of the harshest, yet most faithful, thrash around with new single “No Winner, No Victory”!

So, the fairly one-dimensional barked vocals are still there but who needs finesse in the throat department when you’re riffing up a storm as devastating as these guys! There’s such a simple joy to be had in moshing the fuck out of your living room to such head-banging devilry and Oppressive have again delivered non-stop neck-wrecking thrills.

“Justified For Blood”, the ‘B-side’ (if such things still exist), slows things down a little (and we mean just a little) while adding more of an early death metal influence – fans of early Kreator should lap this shit up – and combined, these two tracks are suitably devastating.

We said it once and we’ll damn well say it again….you may have heard this sort of thing a million times before but when delivered with such conviction and such furious pace, Oppressive prove nigh on irresistible! 7/10

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