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Odious Mortem – Synesthesia – Album Review

Tasty! Or is it smelly?

After more than a decade since the band’s previous album, California tech death giants ODIOUS MORTEM finally return with their new release, the stunningly aggressive Synesthesia. Exactly what these tech-death-savvy gents have been up to for the best of a decade is beyond us but it appears that the time off has served them well, as they’re back and sounding as deadly as ever!

Incidentally, the term ‘Synesthesia’ relates to a condition in which one sense (for example, hearing) is simultaneously perceived by one or more additional senses, such as sight. Another form of Synesthesia joins objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people’s names with a sensory perception such as smell, colour or flavour.

Mind blown, right! It’s a goddamn perceptual phenomenon!

Imagine, if you will, being introduced to death metal for the first time and not just hearing a mind-blowing array of riffs and guttural growls but also tasting the muthafucker!

Which got us to thinking, what would death metal even taste like?

We are, of course, going to avoid going down the route of, for example, experiencing Cannibal Corpse’s distinct flavour (although a particularly overripe wheel of brie, left to bake in the Californian sun for a couple of weeks whilst dogs and vagrants use it as a urinal does spring to mind) but we would imagine that Odious Mortem’s brand of clinical tech death would taste as crisp and as fresh as a Chardonnay.

These guys are as heavy as fuck but they’re also clinically efficient and each track on Synesthesia is a surgically precise expression of tech death at its best. There’s nothing groundbreaking to analyse here but there’s a joy in hearing a tech death band simply achieving what they so obviously set out to achieve. In particular, instrumental “Synchronicity” is a blinding piece of progressive, technical brilliance….or it certainly smelt like it anyway (see what we did there!).

Synesthesia will tantalise all your goddamn senses proving that Odious Mortem’s return is indeed a welcome one. First and foremost, Synesthesia is a tasty wee morsel…or, at least, that’s what we heard (see, we did it again!). 8/10

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