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Obed Marsh – Innsmouth – Album Review

Into The Mouth Of Madness....

Source // Obed Marsh

A HP Lovecraft horror-show set to oozing, dripping, monstrous musical malevolence, the gargantuan sound conjured by Obed Marsh on debut album Innsmouth is a blackened doom leviathan of Cthulhu sized proportions.

A macabre reworking of the harshest, slowest doom metal imaginable, the sloth-like carcass of Innsmouth drags its considerable bulk through caustic, grinding noise and repetitive drone. Fundamentally a funeral doom dirge that reeks of as much decay as its namesake, the songs on Innsmouth hypnotically conjure imagery of worlds-end proportions and the atmosphere is genuinely palpable throughout….but this is one experience designed for the brave only.

There’s no hooks to speak of – perhaps just tentacled ones dragging you to a watery death – and no real semblance of structure recognisable to those not accustomed to the extremities of doom metal. The uninitiated should tread carefully then but fans of Esoteric, Evoken and Thergothen will revel in the pace, squall and utter devilry of it all.

That really just leaves one apt description open to us; pure horror. 7/10

Obed Marsh

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