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Myth Of A Life – She Who Invites – Album Review

Melodic death metal invite extended....

Source // Myth Of A Life - She Who Invites

Eerie and foreboding, Myth Of A Life’s debut full-length album invitingly opens the door to their melodic death metal world with an entrancing yet ultimately unsettling acoustic intro…..and shit seriously kicks off from there!

A multitude of voices emanate from vocalist Phil ‘Core’ Dellas – Myth Of A Life’s only original member after a reshuffle since the release of their EP Erinyes last year – and he’s ably backed by a machine that rolls out sick riff after sick riff, mixed with the fluid leads and sublimely melodic breaks you’d expect from a band whose influences obviously date back to the pioneering At the Gates and the death/thrash juggernaut that was early-doors The Haunted.

“Lobotomized” practically fucks your prefrontal cortex with its unchained ferocity and highlights from Erinyes are transported over, namely “Pull The Trigger” and “Erinyes” itself. The whole package flies by in a maelstrom of murder music and it’s immediately accessible, despite a level of aggression threatening to derail those not accustomed to extreme metal’s more brutish behaviours.

A defiantly British take on a Scandinavian staple – by way of Greece incidentally – this multi-cultural mixing pot reflects Myth Of A Life’s varied lineage and, in essence, She Who Invites is effectively brutal, fuelled by anger and bile and is a well-executed throwback to the halcyon days of melodic death and the humble beginnings of metalcore.

Inviting indeed. 7/10

Myth Of A Life Shw Who Invites 2

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