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Morta Skuld – Wounds Deeper Than Time – Album Review

Source // Wounds Deeper Than Time - Morta Skuld

Has it really been 20 years since Wisconsin death metallers Morta Skuld last released a full length album of original material? Apparently so, but that’s about to be rectified on February 17th when Wounds Deeper Than Time resurrects these death dealers for a new generation to devour.

While the Obituary, Morgoth and Grave comparisons have always been valid – the requisite gargled vocals, mid-paced riffing and blast-beats are ever present – Morta Skuld always had an identity of their own….even if they never made to the big leagues.

Only a band from the early 90’s (Morta Skuld arrived on the scene in 1990) can replicate that classic sound in 2017 and Wounds Deeper Than Time has the power to rewind the clock back to those death metal glory days. With a raft of under appreciated albums in their arsenal, it’s nostalgically refreshing to hear Morta Skuld return to the sound found on their true masterwork; their 1993 debut, Dying Remains.

In fact, Morta Skuld have always managed to pen ‘catchy’ death metal tunes, never overly complicated and blissfully attuned to pure headbanging nirvana. Continuing in that vein, “Against The Origin” is deceptively simple and as painfully heavy as dropping a concrete block on your own knackers, while the scintillating death/thrash of “Scars Within” ups the speed quota 100%! Fortunately, the remaining 7 tracks hit just as hard!

It’s safe to say that in Wounds Deeper Than Time, 2017 already has its first mandatory death metal release; fans of old school mid-paced death (and recent releases from the likes of Jungle Rot and Gruesome) will go suitably nuts for this shit! Just don’t go expecting technical feats of death metal wizardry, this here is punishingly primordial and all the better for it! 8/10

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