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Metallica – Moth Into Flame – Single Review

Source // Metallica - Moth Into Flame

Are you ready for more Metallica shreddy?

Of course you are, you’re desperate for it, anxious to know that the thrash assault of first single “Hardwired” wasn’t a misleading anomaly. Well, the wait’s over and “Moth Into Flame” may not be as insistent and electrifying as “Hardwired” but it is another tell-tale sign that the new album is going to be some kind of monster (and a real one this time)!

A true melodic thrash masterclass, with “Moth Into Flame” Metallica have harnessed the chug, laced it with some classic Kirk Hammett soloing, laid on a catchy as fuck chorus and delivered one of their best tunes in years. Frankly, it’s a blessed relief to hear them write such a coherent song, embracing both their thrash years and the melodic metal of the black album in the process.

Metallica fans have forgiven the band for much over the years – lack of original material being the main culprit – but it does appear that patience, loyalty and unwavering belief are about to be rewarded; “Moth Into Flame” could very well be a minor Metallica classic in the making! 8/10

Metallica Moth Into Flame

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2 Comments on Metallica – Moth Into Flame – Single Review

  1. It sucked donkeyballs

    • Chris Jennings // September 28, 2016 at 6:41 am // Reply

      Well, there you go. Donkeyballs had to be mentioned at some point I suppose! In my humble opinion, this is an improvement on anything found on Death Magnetic, St Anger, Load & Reload \m/

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