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Metallica – Hardwired – Single Review

Source // Metallica

Metallica are back! After 8 long years since Death Magnetic, Hardwired…To Self Destruct will be released on November 18th….but will it be worth the wait?

Well, the first clue is here.

Hardwired” is the first single made available from the aforementioned album and hardcore fans can at least take solace in the fact this is a thrashy, fast-paced, expletive-filled excursion into modern Metallica territory. Suffice to say, it’s not a match for the technicality found on Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets and ….And Justice For All but it is a continuation of Death Magnetic‘s harder-edged sound (this could seriously be an outtake from those sessions, guess we’ll never know) and it fuckin’ rocks…hard! For 3 brief minutes perhaps but this streamlined approach is actually refreshing; Metallica are clearly going for the throat instead of embarking on tedious epic-feats that appear to go nowhere.

So, “Hardwired” is pretty basic, it’s frankly primal and it’s a throwback to the days of knuckle-dragging thrash but it is new Metallica material that’s immediate and attention-grabbing and it means the Metallica machine is gearing up for more worldwide touring. That can only be a good thing. Few can rival this band in the live environment and at least “Hardwired” indicates that Metallica aren’t too old to deliver a lightning bolt of clinical, remorseless thrash in 2016!

It’s definitely good to have them back. It may even borderline on great….consumption of the new album in it’s entirety will be the deciding factor. 7/10

Source // Metallica

Source // Metallica

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