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Lightning Strikes – Can’t Cross The Rainbow – Single Review

Originally formed in 1985, Lightning Strikes were part of the then red-hot L.A. metal scene and issued a now highly collectable 7” single. Unfortunately, they then became a casualty of war when line-up problems beset the band’s first incarnation and led to their early demise.

It would be another quarter century before founding member/drummer Karpis Maksudian decided to pick up the pieces and resurrect the dream. Joined by bassist Cat Tate – another member of the original Lightning Strikes line-up – he began working on new material while pulling in a number of A-list players to fulfill his vision; enter guitarist extraordinaire, Rob Math and Brazilian vocalist Nando Fernandes.

With first single, “Can’t Cross the Rainbow”, the fruits of their labour are unveiled and the blood of prime 80’s era Dio surges through the veins of these 80’s metal lovin’ fiends. It’s catchy, dramatic, melodic, punchy and, most importantly, “Can’t Cross The Rainbow” is prime 80’s fodder; pure steel meets cheesy bravado with electrifying riffs, and solos that last for days, equating to classic sounding, chest-thumping HEAVY METAL (in mutherfuckin’ capitals ’cause it’s proper METAL!).

Lightning’s just been bottled. 8/10

Source // Lightning Strikes

Source // Lightning Strikes

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