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Lethal Injektion – Sex Money Power – Album Review

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Brace yourselves for a hefty dose of Spineshank meets Linkin Park industrialised rap-metal as Arizona’s Lethal Injektion rewind the clock back to the early 00’s. Nu-metal then, it’s back big time!

A true collaboration between fairly established artists in rap and metal, the result in a legitimate revival of what made rap-metal such a dominant force the first time around. In fact, all of nu-metal/rap metal’s fundamentals are accounted for with legions of special guests (Tech9Nnine, Twista and other rap alumni) fulfilling that particular criteria and the energy displayed throughout is commendable. Basically, Lethal Injektion have added the ‘heavy’ factor missing since Linkin Park’s world-conquering debut and this really is rap-metal, with the focus on rap surpassing the majority of others. There’s still riffs of course, big nasty buggers but it’s all about the RAP-metal here….and the sex, the money and the power, of course!

While album closer “Never Goodbye” drops a suitably syrupy rap-ballad that passes the time, its sentiments are too cliched to really strike a chord. A shame, Sex Money Power should have closed with a track that blew the nu-metal cobwebs from your brain; a feat the majority of the album succeeds in doing.

As usual, if you hated the nu-metal merry-go-round the first time, this will not alter your perception. In fact, you’re more than likely to wish yourself on death row than listen to this. However, lovers of rap metal will soil themselves repeatedly. 7/10

Lethal Injektion

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