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Kurokuma – Advorsus – EP Review

Source // Kurokuma

Sheffield’s Kurokuma – or ‘cosmic Crowbar’ as they possibly should be known – are a relatively new sludge/doom band whose debut EP, Advorsus, packs in enough potential to send shockwaves through the UK underground!

Frankly, a 3 track sludge/doom metal EP tends to consist of the same old tropes, trotted out with barely a hint of originality but Advorsus is a different beast entirely, overflowing with ideas and playful with sludge/doom’s blueprint.

Colossally heavy, this 20 minute EP doesn’t skimp on the kind of lumbering riffs that can cause a slipped disc but it’s the ingenious ‘bounce’ of the space-doom epic “Lust” that lingers longest in the memory. Incredible psychedelic grooves are backed by tribal beats, ungodly roars and enough distorted riffing to have Electric Wizard putting down the bong and picking up a copy of Guitar For Dummies!

Advorsus is an absolutely outstanding statement of intent from a band who have barely begun to scratch the surface of what they’re capable of. Debut EP’s have no right sounding this fully formed! 9/10



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