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Krepitus – The Eyes Of The Soulless – Album Review + Free Download!

Source // Krepitus

According to the press release, Calgary’s Krepitus are “challenging the relationship between death and thrash metal with their trademark downtrodden technical riffs and fierce aggressive vocals.”

We certainly can’t argue with that!

A ferocious blend of modern thrash and old-school death metal, Krepitus are as distinctly melodic as they are uniformly savage, offering a modern metal approach to time honoured structures. “Apex Predator” and “Erroneous” hit hard and fast, a wall of crushing groove and technicality powered by a monstrous vocal performance from Teran Wyer (also putting in a doubt shift as Krepitus’ riff-machine) and this intensity carries over into the bands more ambitious tracks. Four of the eight songs on The Eyes Of The Souless clock in at over six minutes and it’s credit to their aural bludgeoning – laced with oodles of intricacy – that momentum and attention is maintained throughout.

Casting your eyes back to the quote at the beginning of this review, it’s perhaps foolhardy to suggest Krepitus are indeed challenging the relationship between death and thrash metal. There’s plenty of equally adept acts out there delivering a similar death/thrash experience but Krepitus are skilled at what they do and have delivered a solid and powerful debut album. Groundbreaking? No. Worthy of your time? Most definitely!

Three years in the making, The Eyes of The Soulless is out NOW and available as a FREE download via the band’s Bandcamp at the following link:


What are you waiting for? Download! 7/10


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