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Kafirun – Glorification Of Holy Death (EP) – Review

Beware The Sounds Of Hell!

Source // Kafirun

Arising from the bowels of Canada’s underworld, Black Metal filthgrinders Kafirun have unleashed their second offering and you’d be hard pressed to find a more twisted, putrid, decadently demonic blast of utter grime; fans of Mayhem, 1349 and early Darkthrone should lap it up!

Glorification Of Holy Death may feature Black Metal’s typical ingredients, the unremittingly ferocious attack of “Chaos Magnum Opus” with its de rigueur blast-beats, tremolo picking and rasping vocals proving the most obvious example, but Kafirun truly impress once the band explore realms of Black Metal often left unchartered. With a clear grasp on the power of dynamics, Kafirun channel unholy sounds on the EP’s 4 remaining tracks which border on impossible to define. The less is more approach adding to an incredibly powerful and eerie experience which unnerves and yet cajoles in equal measure.

“Destruction Of The Divine Self” and “Open Veins” slow the tempo (a little), conjuring images of eternal torture at the hands of he who shall not be named with Luzifaust’s vocals proving particularly accomplished. Fashioning his own take on Mayhem’s Attila Csihir’s unique delivery, Luzifaust’s droning groans of pain and roars of hellish brutality elevate Glorification Of Holy Death to a higher level; very few throats conjure such distressing images of unfathomable torment.

Deftly balancing rarely heard melody amidst the terrifying gloom, the intro’s to “Destruction Of The Divine Self” and particularly “Wings Of Malevolence” showcase Kafirun’s imagination and apparent desire to challenge Black Metal’s restrictions; exquisitely malevolent and chillingly foreboding atmospherics accomplished through mid-paced riffing and considered musicianship. Kafirun still blast, as all good Black Metal bands should, but they achieve so much more through their deft strokes of world (or underworld) building; hell has never felt closer!

Darker and more stimulating than the blackest cup of black coffee, Kafirun are a true force to be reckoned with. Keep an eye on these blackened souls; they are more than capable of unleashing a true classic in the future. 8/10 

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