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Invidia – As The Sun Sleeps – Album Review

The sun's not the only one to nod off!

Featuring former members of groove monsters Five Finger Death Punch and Skinlab, INVIDIA are a throwback to the lunk-headed nu metal-isms of the 90’s and only, and we mean ONLY, if you were a massive fan of the likes of Limp Bizkit, Static X, Spineshank and Ill Nino (minus the tribal rhythms) will you even be remotely interested in Invivdia’s debut album, As The Sun Sleeps.

As it turns out, a burning nostalgic fondness for nu metal – in all its infantile guises – occasionally burns in our loins so we were up for giving As The Sun Sleeps a fair shot. “Now Or Never” is the semi-anthemic opener and mass crowd participation was obviously the songwriting modus-operandi here. Featuring plenty of force-fed fist-pumping, shouty-sing-song moments, “Now Or Never” would probably go down very well in the live environment but feels a tad too clinically marketable to hit home on record.

A further 10 short, snappy tracks follow and they’re all relatively interchangeable with only the moody chug of “Till Death” (which appears to crib the main riff from Sepultura’s superior “Dialog”) and the catchy title track providing suitable distraction from the repetition.

Nu-metal continues to be a dirty word, which is a shame as some great music did come out of the era but unfortunately, Invidia feel more like also-rans than part of the new wave of bands trying to bring the genre back to life.

Not bad, not great, just average. 5/10

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