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Inner Sanctum – Divided By Hate – Single Review

Unité dans la diversité!

India’s premier metal act returned at the end of 2020 with “Divided By Hate”, a stomping, mid-tempo grind that positively reeked of dirt, dust and socio-political diatribe. This is one pissed off track with Inner Sanctum blatantly exasperated at the state of society at large and they’re sure as hell going to sound-off about it!

A visceral, neck-fucker of a track built on a solid foundation of mid-tempo groove, “Divided By Hate” may not bother to rewrite the metal rulebook but it certainly delivers where it matters. With an unforgiving brutality and a remorseless attack, Inner Sanctum are convincing enough to rival anyone on the global metal scene today (for instance, “Divided By Hate” can proudly stand toe-to-toe with the likes Behemoth’s colossal “Ov Fire and the Void” if a comparison is required).

United in the face of such global government-led greed, corruption and division, Inner Sanctum sound positively enraged and “Divided by Hate” is, undoubtedly, an anthemic and angry call to all who value a culture that’s built on values, inclusiveness and diversity above all else.

Which is certainly something we can all get behind! 8/10

Inner Sanctum – “Divided by Hate” (Single)
Genre: Death / Thrash / Groove Metal
Released: December 22nd, 2020


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