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Inmateria – Inmateria – Album Review

...and the Chilean heat just keeps on coming!

Source // Inmateria

The Scoville scale is a progressive measure of ‘hotness’ for chillies and with the talent currently being broadcast from Chile, Inmateria and their self titled album must be up there with the Habanero!

Steeped in traditional 70’s influences, Inmateria’s individuality is striking; mainly due to Solange Sosa’s unique, all Spanish, vocals combined with an assortment of varied elaborate instrumental sections interleaved with many of the tracks. This is not an easy ride however! There are moments when Sosa’s vocals feel surprisingly weak and blend unnoticeably with the rest of the band and yet, at other times, her melodic power frames the music perfectly. However, when Inmateria and Sousa do peak, this allows the excellent musicianship of the band to shine through and it really is a matter of personal taste if you prefer Inmateria‘s instrumentals or those peppered with Sosa’s vocal tracks.

Inmateria’s journey begins with “Preludio‘” (Prelude), a short instrumental that hits with planetary sounds and firmly lays the foundations for the strange voyage of discovery that follows. While “La Inocencia” (The Innocence) seems a relatively incongruous inclusion – in true Prog Rock style the almost throwaway ambience still sits there feeling highly emotive, deeply personal and utterly engrossing – it’s the jazz saxophone (á la Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon) of “Fuera De Lugar” (Out of Place) and the Gilmour-esque leads of “En La Oscuridad‘ (In The Dark)” that truly surprise. Closing with “El Problema Del Mal” (The Problem of Evil), Inmateria deliver 10 minutes of exceptional Prog Metal musical construction and create one of those tracks you just want to keep listening to for all eternity in the process.

It seems unusual – but exciting – for Worship Metal to have the opportunity to review a second Chilean Progressive band so soon after proclaiming Crisalida’s Terra Ancestral our Album Of The Week. It is genuinely heartening that the Prog Rock/Metal genre has ingrained itself in so many corners of the planet and that there’s so many great bands lurking in those corners.

Inmateria can realistically be described as epic and accomplished – not only in the bands ability – but also in their gift for creating something new and exhilarating from the ashes of the old and established. 8/10

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