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Guruzsmás – Üst A Gríz Felett – Album Review

We weren't expecting that!

Source // Guruzsmás

Take System of a Down at their most wilfully obscure, remove the vocals, temper some mind-enhancing Mahavishnu Orchestra and infuse with traditional Hungarian folk music, throw in some raw punk energy and the trippy nature of psych rock and you’re merely 11% (that’s a rough estimate) of the way to accurately describing these unique experi-mentalists.

Utilising everything from tilinkó, kaval, kazakh dombra, digeridoo and zither alongside the more traditional bass, drums and guitar, Guruzsmás prove thrillingly unpredictable throughout Üst A Gríz Felett; shifting gear and experimenting with rhythm with wanton abandon.

There is a cunningly disguised heaviness at work here – most notably on the doom riffs that eventually form the underbelly of “Hegyitangó” (Mountain Tango) – but it’s to Guruzsmás’ credit that traditional ‘heaviness’ becomes merely a byproduct of the jaw-dropping tinkering with structure that occurs here.

Incidentally, ‘Guruzsmás’ is a person who’s able to put a spell on someone else, or who himself/herself is being enchanted and we have conveniently fallen under the spell of these intrepid exploratory mavericks. To think, we nearly bypassed Üst A Gríz Felett believing it to be a release not meant for our metal-ravaged ears. How wrong we would have been been! 8/10

Source // Guruzmas

Source // Guruzmas

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