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Gravewürm – Morbid Trinity – Album Review

Metal. For old goats.

Currently celebrating 30 years of existence, Gravewürm are back with yet another slab of the same ‘ol reliable black ‘n’ roll they’ve been amiably pedalling since ’93.

This band don’t change. They won’t change, damn it!

They’ll be churning out this shit when we’re all reduced to worm food and, if you’re a fan of their simplistic yet old-school honouring clatter, you’ll probably be right there with ’em!

Jesting aside, Gravewürm‘s single-minded intent is to be commended, as these guys are consistent in the extreme. While they were never going to set the world afire with their relatively mid-tempo, sometimes doom-inflected primitive noise, Gravewürm‘s ability to find a satisfying groove – and stick with it! – often makes for an enjoyable listen. Unsurprisingly, Morbid Trinity is no exception.

Solid yet unspectacular, Gravewürm are here to stay. 6/10

Gravewürm‘s Morbid Trinity was released independently on January 1st, 2023 – nip over to bandcamp and have a listen for yourselves.

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