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Ghoulgotha / Ruin – Churning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease – Split EP Review

Source // Ghougotha

Prepare for double the death metal damage as Blood Harvest Records presents a special split 7″ between American death metal hordes Ghoulgotha and Ruin!

Churning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease features an exclusive track from each band and showcases both Ghoulgotha and Ruin at the height of their doomy, squalid and nauseating death metal powers!

Vomiting forth from the very depths of hell, Ghoulgotha drag their bloated carcass through acres of stripped flesh and broken bone….accompanied by the kind of groove-laden riffing Obituary have employed so well over recent years. “Churning In Vertebraes” is a swampy trudge through exposed innards and bodily secretions and certainly churns in all manner of severed body parts. Gruesome and gorily delivered.

Likewise, Ruin’s “Becoming Disease” lives up to its namesake. Opening with hellish tortured screams and a more doomy approach to their death metal, Ruin’s sluggish riffs and gargled growls channel the delights of Autopsy and Demilich but in a more stripped-down simplified manner. With a quickening change of pace bringing “Becoming Disease” to a satisfying close, Ruin just edge Ghoulgotha in the songwriting quality stakes but hey, who’s comparing?!

A half decent 2 track EP tailor-made for those who love to wallow in the more sloppy sounds of death metal, Churning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease may be brief – and only gives the slightest whiff of the true stench these two bands can muster – but it still offers plenty of cadaverous action for those who revel in this sort of filth! 6/10


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