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Foul Body Autopsy – 21st Century Fascism – Single Review

Source // Foul Body Autopsy

Just six months after the release of Perpetuated By Greed, Tom Reynolds – under his one man extreme metal pseudonym Foul Body Autopsy – is back again with a new single entitled “21st Century Fascism”. A continuation from Perpetuated By Greed, the single is “about the rise of the extreme right wing within modern mainstream politics.”

Set against a backdrop of blistering death-grind, the inevitable Napalm Death comparisons are valid but this one man army creates a sonic shitstorm of his own; superbly heavy and packing a punch with the kind of political diatribe often missing from todays’ vacuous excuse for modern metal.

Avoiding blinding speed for the sake of it, the success of “21st Century’s Facism” lies in its bullish nature. Confrontational and straight to the point, this precursor to Foul Body Autopsy’s forthcoming album is something to seriously chew on!  8/10

“21st Century Fascism” was produced by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir) and features artwork by Alan O’Neill of Zonument.

“Not long after I finished Perpetuated By Greed I wrote a song that would become ’21st Century Fascism,’ Tom explains “…and for some reason or another, I liked the idea of recording a single in the summer for release around the winter while I began work on the next full length. I sent a demo of the song to Russ Russell and asked if he would be interested in producing the track with me. A few days later Russ replied saying that he liked the track and so we booked time into his studio. For me working with Russ was an amazing experience, it was the first time I had anyone really ‘produce’ my work. He suggested changing some of the lyrics to make things fit better and also suggested an arrangement that would ultimatly make the song much better than the original. The mixing and mastering is amazing and I would love to work with Russ again someday!”

With pure shred techniques, blistering speed and no lack of humour within his show Tom has become a stalwart of the UK underground, earning him numerous opportunities to play alongside his peers, the likes of Cannabis Corpse, Decapitated, Aborted, Thy Art Is Murder, Carnal Decay, Aeon and Cerebral Bore to name a few, as well as playing at prestigious events such as Bloodstock Open Air (twice)!

Foul Body Autopsy

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