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Eversin – Flagellum Dei – EP Review

Source // Eversin

As far as single choices go, “Flagellum Dei” is a smart move, establishing Eversin’s brutal thrash as a weaponised force to be reckoned with. With a claustrophobic production and rapid-fire attack, the overall experience is akin to being trampled under foot by a thousand, battle-scarred, soldiers….which is undoubtedly the desired effect. Eversin are a power/thrash war machine and last years album Trinity: The Annihilation was a Panzer attack in aural form and, for the most part, proved irresistibly aggressive.

However, this isn’t a one song review. On to the ‘B-side’s’! Sepultura’s “Refuse/Resist” cover is a brave one. It’s a cast-iron classic, beloved by metal fans all over the world and if you’re going to tackle it you’d better to do it justice. Which Eversin do….just. A few minor quirks aside this is a relatively faithful adaptation, powered by an unsurprising but effective Max Cavalera-esque vocal. Its worth is negligible but as a ‘B-side’ it’s serviceable enough.

“For The Glory Of Men MMVVI” has woeful production issues but the track itself is a heavy-duty hardcore thrash workout. Adding vocals to the original instrumental version found on 2012’s Tears On The Face Of God offers a neat twist to those already familiar with the song and a pummelling breakdown delivers the requisite head-banging fix.

Last in line is the industrial remix of “We Will Prevail”, the original version of which can also be found on Trinity: The Annihilation. Angelo Ferrante’s barked vocals suit the industrialised clang rather well but this is nowhere near the strength of the original, a summary which conveniently brings us full circle. 

“Flagellum Dei” is unsurprisingly the greatest song on this 4 track EP and we recommend you check out last year’s Trintiy: The Annihilation for the true Eversin experience. In the end, this release proves to be more of a curio than an essential purchase. 6/10


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