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Eva Plays Dead – Bones – Single Review

Bare bones? Nothing of the sort!

Source // Eva Plays Dead

Straight off the bat there’s such an air of craftsmanship to Eva Plays Dead’s new single Bones that it instantly grabs your attention….this track simply hits the ground running and it does not stop! There’s clearly influences of Dillinger Escape Plan in its structure, it doesn’t let you get hold of the beat long enough to drum along to on the kitchen worktops. But, it is fantastic….and these are just a few reasons why;

  • Lead singer Tiggy Dee’s vocals are massive. She’s like Lzzy Hale toned down by three notches to allow some monster guitars to compliment her sound.
  • Guitarist Matt Goscoyne handles his strings with brutal care. Not brutal care in the sense that he caresses the strings so delicately that they’re soft and cheerful- oh no- these down right incredible riffs are brutally effective throughout.
  • Our drum hero of the band, Seb Boyes, has an obvious talent with beats. Being able to split between a regular rhythm and mathcore influenced beats without slipping up and riffing on the drums in frustration takes real talent.
  • The bass underlines the instruments with sublimity. You can’t distinguish it from the drums or lead guitar unless you really, really listen closely to it and that’s no bad thing. Zach Shannon is your regular bassist with class.

Basically, at the end of it all, “Bones” is a fun song. It reminds us of listening to pop-rock in the early 00’s, it’s seriously nostalgic stuff. It’s not hardcore, it’s not metal but it is rock at heart- that sweet sound of rocking instruments flooding your ears with beastly beats that you’ll add to your iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud (whatever) in a heartbeat.

Eva Plays Dead are the kind of band you need to experience in small, intimate venues where the sweat of rockers in the pits drenches you from head to toe….and you just don’t care. Not one bit. 7/10

Eva Plays Dead - Bones

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