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Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence – Single Review

Christmas No.1 contender?

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Known for their cover versions (Tears For Fears’ “Shout” Genesis’ “Land Of Confusion”), Disturbed’s latest ‘reinterpretation’ of a classic – Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound Of Silence – is a surprising choice….and a welcome one!

Reigining in the riffs for a surprisingly nuanced, delicate and respectful version of an all time great, Disturbed’s version is built around David Draiman’s exquisite vocal performance. Capable of singing ‘big’ and singing exceptionally well, even this – by Draiman’s standards – is an eye opener. From a controlled baritone to a clean and powerful soaring vocal that segues effortlessly into his instantly recognisable rasp; this is a career-high performance. No matter how you feel about Disturbed’s general output, The Sound Of Silence showcases a rarely shown side to their abilities that will prove irresistible to non-metal fans.

In fact, Draiman’s heavier vocal moments aside, The Sound Of Silence has nothing to do with metal (traditional or otherwise) at all. Tenderly plucked acoustic guitars, sparingly used ‘drummer boy’ beats, strings, a sense of drama, a sense of seasonal grandeur; hold on, it’s a bloody Christmas song! And that’s fine, as it’s a corker!

We are not huge fans of Immortalised – the generally underwhelming comeback album this song has been drawn from – but we are huge fans of this cover. Have a disturbed Christmas everyone! 8/10

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