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Calligram – Demimonde – EP Review

Take a deep breath and dive headfirst into the decay!

Source // Calligram - Demimonde

An urban blast through blackened squalor, London’s Calligram are a ferocious unit that bring to mind a feral mix of fellow Londoners – and purveyors of similar grimey noise – Voices and Dripback. Fusing black metal and hardcore punk in a manner that marks these bruisers out as ones to seriously keep an eye on, Demimonde is no easy listen – in fact, it’s downright nightmarish – but it is shockingly effective and fuelled by hatred.

The 5 tracks found on Demimonde are relentless – only the doomy opening of “Bataclan” slows things down a notch – and listening to it feels as if Calligram have followed you down a darkened alleyway, given you a good going over with lashings of the old ultra-violence and robbed you of life, light and hope in the process. Suitably stark doesn’t cover it.

Despite their multinational line-up, Calligram deliver the kind of violence that can only come from the UK; proving as bleak and remitting as everyday life in our unforgiving cities can be. Frankly, 2017 needs bands like Calligram to shine a light on the darker side of our existence.

So, take a deep breath and dive headfirst into the urban decay! 7/10

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