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Bobaflex – Eloquent Demons – Album Review

It's the age of the demons.....

Heavy touring, hard rocking bastards Bobaflex are back with album number 8 and while their shenanigans have always been on the periphery of our attention, with Eloquent Demons these West Virginian maulers have firmly caught our eye.

We’d always had them pegged as nu-metal survivors but their ‘lighter-Five Finger Death Punch’ / ‘heavier-Black Stone Cherry’ sounding tunes – replete with Queen-esque harmonies of all things! – sounds nuthin’ like nu-metal. Instead, these guys are a seriously talented group who take their influences from all manner of rock/metal sub genres to create something entirely of their own. Apologies if this info is absolutely nothing new to you….we appear to be playing Bobaflex catch-up here.

Adding just enough metal grit to the majority of their vocals, frontmen Shaun McCoy and Marty McCoy put in a frankly outstanding performance throughout but they’d be nothing without songs to sing over and Eloquent Demons is overflowing with anthems. In particular, “Long Time Coming” is a colossal hit, arena-worthy and featuring canny harmonies that build and build into a crescendo of beautiful hard rockin’ noise! It’s a top class, mainstream-bothering track….simple as that.

And the quality just keeps on comin’.

“Say What You Will is also suitably massive, a fist-pumping anthem designed to decimate huge audiences and if bands such as Shinedown can find themselves supporting the likes of Iron Maiden (in the UK at least) then Bobaflex, who are far better and far more interesting, should be finding themselves on similar support slots.

Covering Pink Floyd’s classic “Hey You” may be considered a step too far in some quarters but it’s actually a damn good rendition, excellent vocals mimicking – but not plagiarising – Roger Waters’ unmistakable tones and adding some serious weight to an all-time prog rock classic. Just wait, Disturbed will cover this next as well!

A seriously class act, Bobaflex have delivered a collection worthy of platinum sales. Yes, it’s that fuckin’ good and Eloquent Demons has enough variety to appeal to both hard rock and heavy metal lovers alike! The harmonies throughout are borderline exquisite (who harmonises like this nowadays anyway?!) and when they bring the ‘heavy’ on tracks such as “Real Sadness”, there’s even an Alice In Chains vibe going on.

All this adds up to Eloquent Demons being an extremely rewarding, extremely varied, rich and layered release worthy of anyone who has even a passing interest in accessible rock/metal.

We did not see this one coming! Was that eloquent enough? 9/10 

When we said hard touring, we meant it…check this little lot out:


08-03-17 in Lafayette, IN at Lafayette Theater
08-04-17 in Saint Joseph, MI at Czar’s 505
08-05-17 in Jackson, MI at The Foundry
08-06-17 in Barrington, IL at Penny Road Pub Inn
08-08-17 in Sturgis, SD at Full Throttle Saloon (2017 Sturgis Rally)
08-10-17 in Helena, MT at Lewis and Clark Tap Room17T
08-11-17 in Great Falls, MT at The Do Bar
08-12-17 in Three Forks, MT at The Bridge (Rockin’ The Rivers Music Festival)
08-15-17 in Moorhead, MN at Jerry’s Original Music Club
08-16-17 in St Paul, MN at Amsterdam Bar and Hall
08-17-17 in Rockford, IL at District
08-18-17 in Danville, IL at Vintage Villians
08-19-17 in Washington, OH at Southern Ohio Buckeye Bike Rally
08-25-17 in Columbus, OH at Newport Music Hall (CD Release Show)
08-26-17 in Flint, MI at Machine Shop
08-29-17 in Braidwood, IL at Top Fuel Saloon
08-30-17 in St Louis, MO at Firebird
08-31-17 in Saint Joseph, MO at Cafe Acoustic Live
09-01-17 in Springfield, MO at Outland Ballroom
09-06-17 in Texarkana, TX at Brightstar Theaters
09-07-17 in Houston, TX at Proof Rooftop Lounge
09-08-17 in Corpus Christi, TX at Boozerz Rock Bar
09-09-17 in McAllen, TX at Sofie’s “SS” Saloon
09-10-17 in San Antonio, TX at Wax
09-12-17 in El Paso, TX at The Lowbrow Palace
09-14-17 in Flagstaff, AZ at The Green Room
09-15-17 in Las Vegas, NV at Adrenaline Sports Bar
09-16-17 in Los Angeles, CA at Club Los Globos
09-19-17 in Grant Pass, OR at Cedarwood Saloon
09-20-17 in Portland, OR at Rock Hard PDX
09-21-17 in Seattle, WA at Studio Seven
09-22-17 in Spokane, WA at Cruisers
09-23-17 in Lewiston, ID at 3rd Wheel Event Center & Concert Hall
09-24-17 in Jerome, ID at Diamondz Event Center
09-27-17 in Spearfish, SD at Z Bar
09-28-17 in Sioux Falls, SD at Big’s Live
09-29-17 in Mankato, MN at Rd Rocks
09-30-17 in Janesville, WI at 94.1 JJO Sonic Boom (festival)
10-01-17 in Chippewa Falls, WI at Every Buddy’s Bar
11-24-17 in Pittsburgh, PA at Diesel Club Lounge
11-25-17 in Niagara Falls, NY at Evening Star Concert Hall


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  1. Scorr Rempfer // August 24, 2017 at 1:21 am // Reply

    It seems like so many are catching onto Bobaflex late. Well, better late then never. If you have not seen em’ live, you are missing great elements of rock n roll, metal, and harmonic arena beauty that is so much to rock out to. This album should take them over the top. They totally deserve it.

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