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BABYMETAL – Divine Attack – 神撃 – Single Review (Worship Metal Podcast Forfeit)

Do I have to?

In the latest Worship Metal Podcast I was handed a forfeit (listen to the Podcast for the reasons why – the link is below) and said forfeit involved reviewing a band I am yet to get to grips with. That band? BABYMETAL.

Let’s start by saying that “Gimme Chocolate” annoyed the living shit out of me. Maybe I’m just a grumpy old curmudgeon but I just didn’t get the appeal. However, to dismiss BABYMETAL so unceremoniously is unfair – which leads us neatly on to their latest single, “Divine Attack”.

Taken at face value, calling the track ‘divine attack’ made me think that this was gonna be ferocious. It’s not. It is heavy though. It’s heavy in that modern metal kinda way but it doesn’t exactly set my neatly-pressed corduroy slacks on fire.

The mix of riffs and electronics, with less of a J-Pop feel, makes it more accessible (to these ears) and is a definite plus-point. This is a talented band, that’s for sure. The melodies are relatively strong and it builds nicely but, I hate to say it, I’m still not fully immersed and still not believing the hype (I’m also planning on cancelling Christmas).

Taken from their forthcoming concept album The Other One, due for release in March 2023, “Divine Attack” has admittedly jettisoned much of the ‘gimmicks’ that put me off them in the first place. But, do I actually like “Divine Attack”? Not particularly. It’s ok. Do I have to give more reason than that? Nope. I think I’m going to go and listen to my early 90s death metal records and sulk in the corner now. 6/10

Forfeit explained within….

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  1. That bloke from your podcast who made you do this // November 17, 2022 at 11:10 am // Reply

    Well played, Sir. You may have my coin.

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